Knowing the life of the Dandy of the East: Narayanganj


In front of a Cement industry

South asia is the major player in the world economy if we are talking about #Jute Industry. Bangladesh and India both had a shared history of Jute revolution. Calling it the golden fibre for no reasons. World’s biggest just mill Adamji Jute Mill was situated in Narayanganj,Bangladesh. That is why this area was called the Dandy of the East. As back then,Dandy was the main point of jute business.

River Sitalaxma

Although now Bangladesh is highly dependent on garments industries but it was jute which lift it’s economy when it was devastated by The War of 1971. Adamji Jute Mill is closed now but the impact it had on the countries economy made Narayanganj the biggest river port the country.

Empty City of Panam

The river Sitalaxma hosted The old capital of Bangla Sonargaon. Panam nagar old standing empty city shows a prospering history of the area. Even during Moughal Dynasty several fort was made on the bank of the river. Haziganj Fort, Sonalanda Fort are two of them.

Even now the City of Narayanganj can be considered as Industrial capital of Bangladesh. Having large garments industry,cement industry, Color industry, Paper industry, Jute mills,Flour mills has made it a destination for working class people,And having a second highest density in entire Bangladesh. By per capita income Narayanganj is Bangladesh’s richest district. And it is only 15KM away from capital Dhaka. Till 1983 it was part of Dhaka,after that it became it’s own district and later a City Corporation.

Sunset in River Sitalaxma

Shabdi, Bhrammaputra River

Narayanganj has Bangladesh’s one of the few International sports vanues, Khan Saheb Osman Ali Stadium. Sites to visit might include Haziganj Fort,Sonakanda Fort, Panam City, Sonargaon Cultural Museum of Fine Art, Seikh Rasel Park (Currently under construction), Zinda Park, Tomb of Bibi Moriom, River site, Sabdi Bazar, Stadium, Nagar Bhaban Fountain, Muktarpur Bridge, Banglar Tajmahal.But some of the places are not so good, but panam city and Sonargaon should be in must to visit list.

Haziganj Fort

There is poor thing though Naratanganj don’t have good College and University facilities though it has some really good schools and it don’t have good medical facilities in which people can count. For corporate job,education and medical purpose people rush to Dhaka as it is at little distance.

Flower in the river

Narayanganj is playing an important role in Bangladesh economy.It is one off the inportant cities or if not most important city after Dhaka and Chittagong.

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