Bats are blind… Fact or Myth ?

Just a myth !!!

Bat is a fascinating mammal. Why? The reason is very simple. How many mammals do you think can fly. Bat is unique from most of the animals as well. It depends on the echo of it’s wings to much to navigate that we often think that Bats has no eye sight. Is it really true ? Does science support it ?

Are Bats blind ?

According to science bats has better vision than human. And that better vision is more than 3 times.But whats made people think about the lack of vision is the echolocation. Bats can use the ultra sonic sound from the wing swing and take it’s help to navigate.

General overview of Bat’s movement


Left—echolocation is slightly advantageous when searching for small prey. Right—Vision is strongly advantageous when avoiding large obstacles. Scale bars depict the approximated detection distances, but are qualitative and not quantitative (especially for the large objects domain).

The color detection of a bat is not good among several species but that does not mean they have a bad eye sight.

For more there is a link to youtube video where you may find some more information. And who does not like to watch good short videos






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