What makes you is you!

Suppose you are alone in the world. There is no one around you.To console you,to listen to you.What will you do then. Will you do nothing? The easiest thing is to do nothing is not true. You will do something.May be you will talk to yourself, may be sing by your own, may try to find someone,and may be you will find someone but you will do it by yourself.

Ok, the things I just wrote might sound like meaningless but it is true that in the end of the you will have you.The person you are sleeping with may have gone into deep sleep, your friend may not around you but you still have you.

What you think of yourself this is what matters the most.If you are a hero in your own eye then you are a hero.If you are a loser in your eye then u are…. Think about it someone may judge you for what you are not,someone may pull your leg or talk ill about you but you are not doomed untill you have faith in you.You can turn things in your way as long as you have you by your side.If you have you than u can be for someone else.That someone else can be for you.

What makes you is You

What makes you safe is you

So be yourself

and change the world

Cause the world is waiting for you

What should you do to be you?

  1. First, know what you know
  2. Then try to enrich what you know
  3. Believe in what you know
  4. But never be over confident.This may make you self confined.
  5. Keep a open mind
  6. Try to be for others
  7. And people will except you for what you are
  8. You have you!

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